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Top-quality stainless steel for every field of application: our extensive product portfolio covers stainless steel in various sizes and qualities.

Highest quality

Ensuring the highest quality begins with the choice of primary material. We always keep a large number of stainless steel strips in our well-stocked warehouse. Primary material for use in a wide range of pre-processing steps and many different purposes as well as a bespoke service.

Our extensive range of products also includes hot and cold rolled stainless steel slit strip (or wide strip), supplied to you in either coils, bars or oscillated winding. All common qualities are produced in thicknesses ranging from 0.10 mm to 6.00 mm and widths ranging from 4 mm to 700 mm (for stainless steel coils).

We consider a reliable linear straightness, the narrowest of tolerances and careful packaging to be a matter of course.

Fast deliveries

We are also ideally prepared to cope with "just-in-time" deliveries – no matter where you may be.

But our flexibility in terms of length, width, gauge or even higher strength classes saves you not only long delivery periods but also additional costs.

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